Software Development Consultancy

Raving Mad About.....IT, Software Development Consultancy helps businesses by providing consultancy and solutions around the Microsoft Product range and has the expertise to tailor systems that merge IT software with practical solutions bespoke to your needs. Our experienced staff have experience across a diverse range of professional disciplines. They will listen and respond to your individual needs.

Our 15 years of experience in the provision of IT solutions for blue-chip companies and small to medium sized enterprises, has meant we have been able to assist our clients with their strategic growth.

RMA values the on-going relationship with our clients and our ability to deliver value and satisfaction, coupled with enhanced profitability and innovation ensures that we achieve our strategic goal of Customer retention. Our philosophy has meant we have built and retained an international client base including some fortune 100 companies.

Specializing in

  • Microsoft SharePoint - collaboration software that helps to simplify business intelligence, content management, search, and sharing for intranet and internet sites.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM - customer relationship management and CRM online solutions for sales, customer service, and marketing.
  • Microsoft BizTalk - connects systems inside and across organization, to exchange data and orchestrate processes requiring multiple systems.

RMA is a Registered Partner of Microsoft and we are very passionate about our Clients, we pride ourselves on encouraging open conversations and speaking in English – we are a no-techno garb service who listens to our clients, who gets to understand their needs and deliver robust solutions that easily grow as their business grows, while maximising their investments.