Integrated solutions can bring improved efficiency and better information for your business.

Over time many organizations have purchased and implemented disparate applications that aren't linked to each other and use differing technologies. The end result of this is that processes being conducted across an organization require staff to re-key information from one system to another which is less efficient and error prone.

Raving Mad About has delivered many successful integration projects over the years, aided by our experience of a variety of technologies, systems and business environments. We work with our clients to find the most pragmatic and beneficial solutions for their organizations, using the most appropriate technology for each situation.

For complex system architectures, we can develop best of breed service oriented architectures for our clients, that enable seamless integration of multiple existing systems, whilst allowing for flexibility for future expansion. Microsoft BizTalk is one example of a product we use to enable complex solutions such as these to be realized.

Get in touch to discuss your system integration needs, and to see how it can benefit your business.